Globana Trade Center Leipzig/Halle

Globana Trade Center Leipzig/Halle Munich Ring 2 04435 Schkeuditz Schkeuditz, Germany

Globana Trade Center Leipzig/Halle is one of the perfect place to organize meetings, events, trade shows, conferences and much more. This venue is located at Schkeuditz, Saxony, Germany. It covers a huge area as it has 20 meeting rooms which covers an area of 118,403 sq. ft., it's largest room covers an area of 17,760 sq. ft. and second largest covers 12,917 sq. ft. of area. This venue has 158 guests rooms and 17 suites as well. This place is easily accessible via trains, buses, cars, airport shuttle also. The address of this venue is Munich Ring 2 04435 Schkeuditz.

Past Events