WEE 2021 (World Energy Expo 2021)

About WEE 2021 (World Energy Expo 2021)

World Energy Expo 2021 aims to show the global coal industry’s intelligent development, new technologies and achievements for high-quality development. The Expo will be built into a global vision-based and influential trading platform for intelligence-and high-end technology-supporting global coal industry, featuring the spirit of “openness, integration, innovation, cooperation, development” and meeting the requirements for “high standard, high level, extensive influence and practical effects”. It can boost the high-quality development of the global coal quality and help build a clean and beautiful world.

Visitor Profile:


Visitors attending WEE 2021 would be the Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Trade Buyers, Importers, Exporters from global coal industry industry.

Exhibitors Profile:

 1. Instrument, machinery, equipment and service of intelligent mines 2. Machinery, equipment and tools of high-end intelligent exploitation in underground coal mines 3. All the machinery, equipment,tools and services of heading machines in underground coal mines 4. Machinery, equipment,accessories,and tools for intelligent transport in underground coal mines 5. Machinery,equipment, tools,services and accessories of power supply and distribution in coal mines 6. All the equipment,machinery,tools and accessories of auxiliary production systems in coal mines 7. IT engineering, IT systems,equipment,machinery and service for coal mine automation and control 8. Equipment,machinery, chemistry, services and accessories for coal washing and clean & efficient utilization 9. Mineral materials and tools, machinery for coal processing and manufacturing, mine service providers and etc 10. Organizations,medias, training centre, institutions, universities and relevant service providers.