Kern County Fair

About Kern County Fair

Kern County Fair is considered to be one of the biggest B2C and B2B consumer fair being held in Bakersfield, United States. The event will be taking place from 23 September 2020 to 04 October 2020 at Kern County Fair, Bakersfield, USA. The trade show like every year will be showcasing products and accessories from several industry. Some of the expected industry would be home brew, floriculture, baked foods, preserved foods, community exhibits, agriculture & horticulture, fine art & creative art, decorative painting, ceramics, crafts & collectibles, dolls, photography, ceramics, gems, minerals and many more. The show is expected to bring in a huge number of visitors coming from several parts of the country and enjoying the fair in their holidays.
Come and be a part of the biggest consumer expo in United States this 2020.

Visitor Profile:


Every person is invited to be a part of the expo. Being a B2C and B2B expo, the show would be allowing everyone to be a part and get to know of the new products and services running in the country. Business man along with the family will be seen at the event as they find everything at the expo ranging from home products to office products, every type of food, every national and international beverage, swings for children, and entertainment for everyone. This is basically a complete family as well as business expo where member from every age group can come and enjoy as well as grow their business. Interested visitors will have to register online and an access to buy the tickets would be shared with them by the organizer.

Exhibitors Profile:

 Companies from every industry would be seen participating at the expo catering to a huge number of visitors coming not only from United States but from different parts of the world. It would be a complete win-win expo for both visitors and exhibitors as everyone would get what they are coming for at the expo. The Kern County Fair contains 168 acres, 5 large exhibit buildings, several community stages, outdoor theater, a large hall where over 400,000 people can be gathered throughout the twelve day event which makes it a very big expo for the companies participating at the show as they can showcase any of their small range to biggest range products at the expo.

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