Garment Technology Expo 2020

About Garment Technology Expo 2020

Garment Technology Expo 2020 is going to be held from 07 August 2020 to 09 August 2020 at Bengaluru Exhibition Centre. The exhibition is said to be one of India's biggest one from apparel and garments technology and is going to witness a huge number of exhibitors and visitors. The event is also considered to be the biggest garment technology expo across Asian region and invites companies from several parts of Asia to showcase their products with new innovations and to implement those things in Indian and Asian market. The event was first launched in 2001 and since then they have hold successful 26 editions of the show. Every year the traffic keeps on increasing and companies not only from India but from foreign nations come to witness this biggest garments expo. This show has been a boon to all the business people from apparels and garments industry as they get to know new technology and innovation outside their nation and help them doing the business as per the new standards of their respective nations. Come and be a part of the biggest GTE expo this August 2020.

Visitor Profile:


All the companies from garments, apparel and textile companies are invited to be a part of the expo and witness new changes in garment industry across the globe. All the manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, exporters, distributors can be seen coming to the show in huge number and dealing with the companies participating at the expo. Several media agencies and government bodies along with visitors delegates will be seen attending the expo making the event a more attractive one to participate in. Interested visitors are required to register online and they will be receiving further registration details from the organizer directly.

Exhibitors Profile:

 Exhibitor profile for GTE 2020 will be from multiple industry related to garments and textile sector. Leather products, home furnishings, textile products, textile machinery, fabrics, personal wear and all the companies dealing in importing, exporting and manufacturing garments are invited to participate in the expo and showcase their products to thousands of attendees coming to the show. This show will certainly enhance the business of the companies coming as they get to meet buyers individually and deal with them in bulk quantities. This show will create a win-win situation for every person attending as they get everything on a single platform and at a comparatively lower prices. Interested companies willing to exhibit are required to register online and they will be shared with the booth pricing and subsidy (if any) directly by the organizer.

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