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About FMC CHINA- Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China

Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China - FMC CHINA is one of the biggest trade show for Furniture Industry in China and Asia pacific region. FMC China will play a key role to facilitate the connection between high-end manufacturing and furniture manufacturers. It will gather the leading brands and high-end exhibits of the industry and attract the attention of many local and overseas top exhibitors. FMC China is going to be scheduled from 09 September to 12 September 2020 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. This would be the 26th edition of the event and since last 23 years the event has been successfully concluded every year bringing in furniture companies from all around the world. The expo has a brand name in the market because of the high end and elite products from furniture industry displayed every year making it the most ideal platform for connecting buyers with the global furniture suppliers. This event is expected to offer huge business opportunity to the participants coming as they would get to know new trends and innovations in furniture industry being done across the globe.

Visitor Profile:


A huge number of visitors from every corner of the world is expected to come at the event. Being considered as one of the most branded furniture expo in China, it attracts so many domestic and overseas companies to come and see new technology and development in furniture market. All the companies from furniture products and furniture machinery are invited to be a part of the event and see new growth in the furniture market. In FMC CHINA, one can expect only professional visitors that would be Importer, Exporter, Merchant, Wholesale, Retailer, Designer, Architecture, Trade buyer, Manufacturer, Purchaser of furniture items and machinery. Several government bodies along with few media companies would be seen coming to the expo. Interested participants are required to register online and further registration details would be sent by the organizer shortly.

Exhibitors Profile:

 The show brings a new trend in the market from furniture industry as several companies from different parts of the world would be showcasing their products to the people attending the expo. One can easily see new advancement in technology from furniture industry by coming to the expo where thousands of furniture companies would be displaying their furniture items and bringing in new ideas for the visitors. The expo attracts the companies belonging to Furniture Hardware & Fittings, Furniture Fabric & Leather, Upholstery Furniture Components & Supplies, Office Furniture Supplies & Gas Spring, Furniture Panels, Upholstery Machinery Surface Decor, Furniture Coatings, Adhesives & Chemicals, Furniture Inspection & Design, Cabinet & Wardrobe Fittings, Other Furniture Fitting & Supply and further furniture related companies. Booths are pre-booked for this expo as is it one of the well renowned name in furniture industry. However, few booths are always left vacant for the newly launched companies to display their products globally and generate business. Interested companies are requested to register online and they will be getting the booth price and subsidy (if any) along with any lucrative offers directly from the organizer.

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