Farm Science Review

About Farm Science Review

Being going to be organised 59th time annual Farm Science Review is the leading outdoor agricultural education and industry trade show. With more than 700 exhibitors and well over 100,000 in annual Visitors, Farm Science Review is the nation’s biggest agricultural education and industry exposition. Also, there are 150 seminars and educational displays to support many areas of the agricultural sector. All farms, large to small, and producers of major commodities to the smallest niche markets are searching for ways to improve their operations at Farm Science Review. Farm Science Review is provide the best possible marketing showcase for exhibitors of agricultural equipment and related products to the farmer/rancher/producer customer.

Visitor Profile:


In Farm Science Review, Visitor profile includes Agri Universities Agri Research Institutions & Agri Units Agriculture Departments Agro Industry Corporations Center & State Government Agencies and Departments CEOs & Senior Managers of Indian Companies, MNCs Distributors, Dealers Agripreneurs Farmers Farm Contractors National & International Delegations Scientists.

Exhibitors Profile:

 Profile for exhibit in Farm Science Review will include the leading ventures and produces of agriculture related products, manufactures, suppliers and distributors of farm machinery, fertilizers, seeds and many more.