Electronics Assembly Vietnam

About Electronics Assembly Vietnam

The Ultimate Expo for Smart Electronics Manufacturing SolutionsFrom broad production to smart production, Vietnam’s electronics manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a new phase of development. Electronics Assembly will be an international exhibition on machinery and technologies for electronic parts and components manufacturing industry. The 2020 edition will highlight core processes and focus on smart manufacturing and the upgrade of traditional manufacturing via the use of smart applications. It will also showcase innovation as it brings the most advanced products and technologies from local and international suppliers such as Surface Mount Technology (SMT), electronics manufacturing automation, laser electronic processing and machine vision (MV) to enable electronics manufacturers to minimize production costs and boost efficiency.

Visitor Profile:


Electronics Manufacturing Industry • Subcontractors • Engineers • R&D Personnel • QC/QA Personnel and Influencers • Production & Assembly • Test & Inspection • Procurement/Purchasing Personnel

Exhibitors Profile:

 Surface Mount Technology Equipment and Services • Test and Measurement Equipment and Services • Electronics Manufacturing Services • Electronics Components and Mobile Phone Components • Products Related to Precision Component Parts and Metal Parts • Inspection and Maintenance Instruments and Equipments • Vehicle Electronics Units • Vehicle Communication and Navigation System

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