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Established in 2010, the Cincinnati Comic Expo is an annual event organized annually celebrating the best in comic books, fantasy, gaming, collectibles, cosplay, steampunk and pop culture in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. Cincinnati Comic Expo 2020 is a unique Trade Show at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, will be held between 17 Sep and 19 Sep 2021. This year’s annual meeting in Cincinnati will be expected to get more than 24000 attendees and 300 exhibitors. Cincinnati Comic Expo is a biggest marketplace where several primary solutions and products are to be put on show. These will be about Comics, Comic Books, Pop Culture and Anime. Cincinnati Comic Expo is staying true to the heritage of the event by bringing attendees the chance to meet the best and brightest from local industry talent.

Visitor Profile:


In Cincinnati Comic Expo, visitors will participate like Experts from the Following Business Categories, Divisions, TV Stations Film Productions Anime Productions Game Productions Newspapers, Publishers Entertainment, Amusement Facilities Content Distributors Enterprises (Marketing, Advertising, PR, Promotion, etc.) Advertising Agencies etc.

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 Exhibitors in Cincinnati Comic Expo will showcase comic books, fantasy, gaming, collectibles, cosplay, steampunk and pop culture, animation and game based products and services associated with this field.

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