Ceramics China

About Ceramics China

Ceramics China is Industrial Engineering industry event, which is going to be held at China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair Complex), Guangzhou, China from 25th Nov, 2020 and will complete on 28th Nov, 2020. This trade fair is organized by CCPIT Building Materials Sub-Council.

Visitor Profile:


Visitors attending Ceramics China would be the Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers, Trade Buyers, Importers, Exporters from Industrial Engineering industry.

Exhibitors Profile:

 Ceramic Equipment & Technology1.1 Complete Set of Equipment for Producing BuildingCeramics, Sanitary Ware1.2 Raw Materials Extraction and Processing1.3 Systems for Batching and Weighing1.4 Pressing, Forming and Casting1.5 Drying, Kiln and Heating1.6 Glazing, Decorating1.7 Surface Treatment and Finishing1.8 Laboratory and Measuring1.9 Quality and Process Control1.10 Sorting, Packaging, Storing, Loading and Moving1.11 Others2? Ceramic Materials2.1 Ceramic Raw Material, and Others2.2 Chemical Materials2.3 Wear Resistant Material2.4 Refractory Material2.5 Others3? Ceramic Decorative Materials3.1 Pigment, Glaze , Frit3.2 Additive3.3 Stained Paper and Others3.4 Gold Paste, Liquid Gold, Liquid Luster Varnish3.5 Ink3.6 Others4? Ceramic Environmental Protection Industry4.1 Water Pollution Disposal4.2 Air Pollution Disposal4.3 Solid Waste Disposal4.4 Noise and Vibration Disposal4.5 Environmental Monitoring4.6 Environmental Emergency Equipment and Technology5? Highly- Functional Ceramics and Powder Industry5.1 Highly-Functional Ceramic5.2 Raw Material5.3 Process Equipment and Testing Equipment.6? Tableware and Art Ceramics Industry6.1 Tableware Production Technology Processing Technology and Molding Machinery6.2 Tableware Decoration Equipment6.3 Tableware Raw Material6.4 Tableware Decorative Material7? Moulding Tools and Accessories8? Ceramic Research and Training, Transfer of Technology and Consultation Service9? Building Ceramic Sanitary Ware Tableware and Art Ceramic Products10?Media, Association, Software and Others11?Others

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