About BelFarm

BelFarm is Farming Equipement International Exhibition going to be held at Minskyekspo ZAO in Minsk city of Belarus from 2nd Jun to 6th Jun, 2020. This event will focus on issues and challenges of the agricultural sector and attract Top agricultural experts, dealers, manufacturers from all across the world. BelFarm Expo will showcase products like, Preparation and storage of feeds, feed supplements, Protection from pests, Care Appliances pastures Veterinary Services and many more.

Visitor Profile:


Visitors in BelFarm Expo will be Experts form Agriculture industry like, Agriculture Engineers, Managing Directors, Business Managers, Dealers, Manufacturers, CEOs and many others.

Exhibitors Profile:

 Exhibitors in BelFarm Expo will showcase wide range of Products and services like, Equipment for maintenance, Feeding, Environmental protection equipment, Motors for manure, Meat products, Systems for breeding and fishing, Milking and cooling equipment, Devices for animal care, Systems for slaughter, Processing and storage of dairy, Cleaning equipment, Packaging and cooling, Feed supplements, Veterinary care services, Vehicles and trailers for the transport, Medicines, Vaccines, Protection from pests, weighing equipment.

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