About Belagro

Belagro event will focus on Equipment and Technologies for Agricultural Products Processing, going to be held at Tlts Globus Park in Shchomyslitsa, Belarus from 2nd Jun to 6th Jun, 2020. Belagro Agricultural Expo will showcase products llike, agricultural machinery, harvesting works, equipment for soil working, small size agricultural machinery for various applications, technological equipment for grain processing etc.

Visitor Profile:


Visitors in Belagro Expo will be Experts form Agriculture industry like, Agriculture Engineers, Managing Directors, Business Managers, CEOs and many others.

Exhibitors Profile:

 Profile for exhibit in Belagro Expo will include Products like, Crop seeds, Tractors, Milking installations, Refrigerating equipment, Sprinklers, Irrigation installation, Automation systems, Electronic components, Food processing equipment etc.

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