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Bauma CTT Russia is going to be held from 4 June 2020 to 7 June 2020 at Moscow, Russia. This event will show case the products like Road-building machinery and equipment, excavators, loaders, earthmoving and planing machines, attached working equipment, machinery for road reparation and maintenance, special construction vehicles etc. This event will take place on 4 days in Russia. This event also offering innovative and technologically advanced construction equipment, machinery and technologies.

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Bauma CTT Russia will show case the entire spectrum numerous business opportunities and latest products for construction and building material industries and especially at decision-makers from the procurement area. It also serves as business platform for information exchange and networking. This event offers access to the target market of Russia and Eastern Europe. A very special event is the 20th anniversary edition of the bauma CTT Russia.

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 Bauma CTT Russia is one the most comprehensive event of Contractors, governmental organisations, machinery and plant manufacturers, building machinery and material dealers. It is a four days event that plays an important role in developing the economy of the region. This event also offer international machinery and aim at target market group of Russia and Eastern Europe. This event will be a center of attraction for traders and service providers from the construction and building material.

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