African Ports and Rail Evolution

About African Ports and Rail Evolution

African Ports and Rail Evolution is Africa’s largest future of transport infrastructure, maintenance conference and exhibition welcoming dozens of African ports and rail authorities and thousands of qualified maritime, transport and logistics professionals. The conference attracts approximately 300 maritime and rail officials from across Africa and keynote session is going to be held from 15-16 October 2020 and  is dedicated to the implementation of South Africa’s Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy and its inception across Africa’s southern region. Participants can discover the latest advances in port and rail security, predictive maintenance and information technology, and hardware and software solutions.

Visitor Profile:


Visitor profile for African Ports and Rail Evolution will include CEOs COOs CFOs Training Managers Engineers Port Directors Operations Managers Terminal Managers Procurement Officers, Engineers Directors Managers Department Heads Supervisors Inspectors Technical Officers General Directors.

Exhibitors Profile:

 In African Ports and Rail Evolution, Exhibitor profile includes Courier & Cargo Companies, Supply chain & Logistics Companies, Warehouse Owners, Ports, Railways & Shipping Terminals, Automobile & Automotive Components Glass, Airport management, Airline management, Airport consultants, Architects, City officials, Container Handling Operators, Port Managers Railway management, Airport project teams, Civil aviation authorities.

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